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  1. Define metaphase. metaphase synonyms, metaphase pronunciation, metaphase translation, English dictionary definition of metaphase. n. The stage of mitosis and meiosis, following prophase and preceding anaphase, during which the chromosomes are aligned along the metaphase plate. n 1.
  2. Metaphase is the third of the five phases of biological cell division, or more specifically, the division of what is inside that cell's nucleus.
  3. Metaphase [Reece, Chip, Simeti, Peter, Williams, Kelly] on exoredlatunadystbyrratapoufno.xyzinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Metaphase/5(21).
  4. The centrioles are at opposite poles of the cell. The pairs of homologous chromosomes (the bivalents), now as tightly coiled and condensed as they will be in meiosis, become arranged on a plane equidistant from the poles called the metaphase plate.
  5. Prometaphase is the phase of mitosis following prophase and preceding metaphase, in eukaryotic somatic exoredlatunadystbyrratapoufno.xyzinfo prometaphase, the nuclear membrane breaks apart into numerous "membrane vesicles", and the chromosomes inside form protein structures called kinetochores. Kinetochore microtubules emerging from the centrosomes at the poles (ends) of the spindle reach the chromosomes and attach .
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  7. Metaphase is a stage in the cell cycle where all the genetic material is condensing into chromosomes. These chromosomes then become visible. During this stage, the nucleus disappears and the chromosomes appear in the cytoplasm of the cell. During this stage in human cells, the chromosomes then become visible under the microscope.

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